When Two Become Three + Two Winter Playlists

It still feels like a miracle, something so surreal. In autumn we found out that a little baby will joyn Florian, me and Willow in Spring. When everything is blooming and the world wakes up you will wake up too.  Little did we know that our wish to become a family would become reality when I made the test on an autumn night. It’s exciting, beautiful and scary how one day can change your whole life in a second.  Now I’m already at the end stages of pregnancy and it feels like a long time has passed and at the same time like life goes so much slower. The Winter days have been incredible grey and rainy. Sometimes we were lucky to feel big snowflakes on our cheeks. But in these days I find myself dreaming about a summer with you on a white blanket in our garden under the apple tree. I dream about slow days as three, about soft skin and tiny hands that hold onto us. As we are getting prepared for this tiny new life a lot of music has been playing and I want to share my favourite December & January songs with you now. Enjoy! :)



5 comments on “When Two Become Three + Two Winter Playlists

  1. Congratulations Tina and Florian – I am sure you will make the absolute best parents ever. Looking forward how you will capture your tiny one though your lens! All the health and best, Hannah

  2. Congratulations for your family becoming bigger and bigger! Can’t wait to see you both becoming mom and dad, you’re going to be amazing parents.

    Have a nice week ♡

    • Thank you so much Camille. <3 It will be such an exciting new life. :)

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy! Can’t wait to see the beautiful images you’re going to create documenting this special moment of your life. :-)

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