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A Week in Denmark / August Playlist + Video

September started for us with a trip to Denmark. Seven days, long car rides and an incredible beautiful country. The last days of summer felt long and short, windy and calming. 
We rented two cabins very close to the sea and stayed near Hundested and Skagen. For some moments these places felt like they were our part time home, that we came back to after exlporing our sourroundings.
Cooking dinners and breakfasts, making a fire, reading or just talking, watching a movie or watching the pine trees disappear in the golden hour. We were so lucky that we found these little houses for our quite spontaneous trip. :)
We travelled from ferry to ferry, we ate lots of delicious things and saw breathtaking untouched nature. I mostly shot on film, but I catched a few moments on my digital camera as well that I would love to share with you now. And if you like, listen to some of the songs on my playlist. They have been accompanied us on all our drives trough Denmark. :)




A little film about our trip: