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Looking back // Days Through My Phone Three

In the past months there have been a lot of changes and also autumn
started to color the leaves on the ground.
I thought this is the perfect time to take you with me
and share some little moments from my phone.
Hello you! On a warm day in August I looked at flats in Leipzig but by then I didn’t
know that it would be successful. 

The days started to become colder until the next heat wave appeared. But Willow started
to ask for extra cuddles just as he always does when the cold wind arrives.

 Look at these peaches! I can’t believe they grew in my own little garden. 
It was the most wonderful feeling to just sit there on the wooden box
under the apple tree, read a letter and bite into these yummy little

I slowly started to prepare for moving. Going through things and boxes. Giving things
away and make other people happy with them felt
like the perfect way to start this new chapter.
But then it was time to go to Sweden first. 
Djurgarden in Stockholm was the most beautiful to walk through. 
I especially loved the little flower fields and the greenhouse where they sold plants, seeds
+ you could have the yummiest fika!
For example a yummy cardamom bullar with nuts and a little date coconut ball rolled in dried wild 
flowers. Especially with the apple juice they make themselves there.
Another little fika on a picnic table right next to the water
and the field of golden grass. 
After a few days it was time to go back already. On my way to the plane
the nicest light was shining through the airport windows
and created wonderful shadows.
Back home it was time to repot these little beauties. I grew the begonia from a leaf of
a bigger plant and was always waiting to plant it in this lovely pot I found at the flea

Many lovelyenvelopes packages left my door thanks to all the kind
customers that supported me not only with placing an order, but also
by sending me lovely words and positive thoughts for my 
new life. 
My last bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. 

The first pumpkin this year turned into roasted slices with bread crumbs, parmesan and
rosemary next to plain yoghurt and a sweet and sour cucumber salad. Mhhh!

 Saying goodbye to people that are really close is definitely
the most difficult when it comes to moving to another city.
Sleeping on the couch with my little Willow for a little change
with fairy lights on the walls.

Goodbye kitchen table. It was time to eat lunch on the wooden floors
in the warming sunlight while Willow was walking around the balcony.
It also felt so nice to sit in corners once furniture had it’s place.
I also said goodbye to my favorite nature places. My little birch forest and the meadow.
When I arrived there a golden light was shining over them and it felt so good
to take a deep breath in these places I made to my own. That I connect
to books I read and music I heard there. To thoughts that were going around
in my head while I walked there and feelings I felt.

And then suddenly after weeks of packing, besides working,
everything found it’s way into boxes and only all of my plants and Willow
were waiting to get into the car.
And here I am now. On fishbone wood in a flat full of
warmth, light and inspiration.

August film diary – The sky is burning

The windy sky in Barbora’s eyes.
One of these great fires in my evening sky

My gardens sweets in all shapes and colors before they turned into
a yummy and warming soup. That I had every week. 

A light dot afternoon with Kristin. Talking about the new
life that awaits us.

A golden walk, the most golden it has ever been 
in months

So much warmth and cuteness from
someone so little while meeting 
my lovely friend Marie and her family.
Cooling ourselves right next to the little water fountain.

And now August is gone. September is waiting for me.
Going on vacation, moving out and moving in.
The end of the year is becoming to be
my new beginning.