a day in the garden

11 comments on “a day in the garden

  1. Grandios! Du hast immer sehr ausgefallene und schöne Ideen!

  2. you cannot imagine how big i smile everytime i see you have a new post! that's a little creepy but really, i look forward to seeing your photos all the time, hehe. (: i love the 4th and 5th photos the most. xx

  3. gorgeous photos

  4. beautiful work!

  5. omg. I love that! I really really love that! *.*

  6. last photo is the best. wonderful.

  7. stunning! you are so great!!

  8. these pictures are so light& creamy, makes me feel like standing there in the light. you capture magic

  9. wundervolle Bilder!

  10. wunderschoen.

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