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You Painted my Life / April Playlist

I hope you are all well? Another month has passed so quickly and it’s time to share my favourite songs of April with you.

Most days have been rather cold and cloudy over here, but slowly the real Spring is coming. The first seeds started to turn into little plants. Soy beans, parsley, baby spinach, radishes and all different kinds of flowers started to show their heads. Tulips and narcissus create the most beautiful scents in our garden and sometimes I just sit there for some minutes and soak them in while the blackbirds sing the most beautiful songs on our apple and apricot tree. It’s the time of the year when the warm sunset set slowly hits the very last corner of the garden and you feel that whatever happens, the world will feel alive again.


Recently on my camera roll / March Playlist

A few photos from the last weeks and of course my favourite March songs. :)

We started to plan our meals every week and make one big grocery trip and I love it so much! There are at least 4 to 5 new dishes that we try out every week. Here we made some asian side dishes and homemade teriyaki sauce. It was delicious!  

A goodbye picnic for sweet Lena that is moving to another city. We will miss her!

A little behind the scenes of a fashion film shoot we were doing with Maren and Jane. :)

Lots of outgoing orders and lots of green tea every morning.

A little lamb that couldn’t find it’s way back under the fence to it’s siblings that we met on our walk.

An afternoon in Weimar. Blue skies, fluffy clouds and the birds above us.

Three colourful eggs from Maren and Paul that are now owners of our old garden. They decided to get three chickens (Minna, Effie and Berta) and gifted us three of their eggs. :)

It’s this time of the year again. I can smell these beauties everywhere I go at the moment.  

The biggest avocado seed I have ever seen! :) I’m curious if it will grow a beautiful large plant as well. I keep you updated.

Other than admiring all the beautiful snowdrops and other Spring flowers I’m preparing our garden for this years vegetables, flowers and fruits. Our house is full of plants on the windowsills that are waiting to move in the beds. :)

I hope you are all well, Sending you warmth.