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A little Update

A little hello from the Alpakas and from me. :) Aren’t they just the cutest in the snow? I especially love when the fringe gets a little wet. It’s just extra cute. :)) Almost another week has passed and another bread has been made. Somehow we live from day to day, not many thoughts can go in what happens in a month or too, but there is one thing we do know. :)  After thinking about it for some years we finally did a (for us) very big step. We decided to buy a car! Now we are patiently waiting to pick it up, to drive back home right next to trees full of snow and celebrate it with making the nicest dinner and movie night at home.

The snow falls heavy at night and melts quicker then the night arrives. The river is so full of water and flows so fast that I can hear it when I look out from our kitchen window. Often I wake up when it’s still night and I can’t find my way back into sleep. The sound of the river calms me.

I see tracks of birds on my daily walks and Willow’s little tracks in our garden. He hides under the needle trees and watches me photographing the birds on our apple tree. He doesn’t like to feel the snow under his paws, but he is too curious to see what happens in this world that suddenly sleeps under a blanket.

The sun is magical, but as soon as the sun comes out I feel that I miss the sun more. Or maybe that I like how delicate and light Spring and Summer feels.


Sometimes We Forget / Analog Diary

Sometimes we forget which day of the week it is. The house smells after bread and the wood that burns in our oven. The wood that fills our rooms with warmth. Each day there is a little bit more snow. Only until the white flakes turn into soft drops of water. The mornings start to get brighter and I see the fog crawling over the river to the neighbours village. A few minutes later I’m right there, in the middle of nowhere. In a place that has no end and no beginning.