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 I'm Tina Sosna,

Photographer and Illustrator for my own stationery brand 'Tina Sosna Stationery'. 

I currently live in a small village in the middle of Germany, with my love Florian and our cat Willow. Here we found our home in the little house of my childhood with a beautiful garden and lots of forest, fields and the river that surrounds us.

My work is about finding the beauty in our everyday life and conserving it. It can be a special light situation, someone talking or moving, a very sad movie, a place, a scent from my childhood in a small village, a plant, tea and book afternoons, a walk in the mountains or a swim in the lake or a certain song that inspires me to do what I love.

I started taking analog photographs when I was 15 years and are still very passionated in working with both analog and digital cameras as well as filming little short films about the beauty of every day life.

 If you are interested in working with me and love a natural and cozy image style that can transport a certain mood 

- let's connect!