”When you were born I remember the chestnuts blooming outside”

One week ago I turned 24!
Birthdays are always such a strange day for me. I never
know how to feel. I feel sad, nostalgic, happy
and like a granny in the body
of a young woman all at once on this one day.
This year we didn’t do anything special
beside making a waffle breakfast for
a few dear people and going on the first walk without a jacket.
I also received some lovely birthday mail from my
friends far away. We took them with us
to the park where I read the letters on a fallen tree and
had some fun taking pictures there while the chestnut trees
were blooming above us.

Every year my mom tells me how she saw these tall
trees blooming trough her hospital window
when I was born. Spring always was and still
is the season that is most dear to me. 


4 comments on “”When you were born I remember the chestnuts blooming outside”

  1. die Reihe mag ich sehr! <3

  2. happy birthday, I know I'm late, sorry :) You look beautiul, as always.

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