When magic happens at night

 Two days after Christmas I woke up in a world covered in fluffy snow.
 With my hand that was still warm from a deep sleep I drew a circle on the window to 
look outside and saw that wonder that had happened over night. 
How this white foam shaped triangles, made blankets for trees at the bottom, 
little clouds on top
 and stayed on every tiny thing no matter how fragile it seemed before.

17 comments on “When magic happens at night

  1. The photos are lovely as always. You look like a porcelain doll in the middle of the snow. ^^

  2. Snow ♥ One day I will know the feeling of picking up a fluffy snow ball… The photos look amazing, I loved the third one!


  3. love the third photo so much <3 snowy days are so magical :)

  4. Einfach wunderschön! *-*

  5. die fotos sind der wahnsinn!♥

  6. I like how your hair contrasts with the winter landscape :)

  7. was für ein wunderschöner kontrast zwischen deinen haaren und dem schnee (schrieb ja schon der mensch über mir ups hihi aber der ist wirklich schön!)

  8. Oh wow your pictures just blow me away every time without fail, I think I've seen the most beautiful photo possible and you take another WOW.


  9. wunderbare bilder! :)

  10. this is too beautiful. and you really look gorgeous in the third one <3

  11. You look amazing in snow :)

  12. These are trully magical!

  13. absolutely flawless <3
    I am looking forward to your every post


  14. beautiful white world…!

  15. sehr sehr schön. <3 bezaubernd .. ich bin begeistert vom dritten bild. !
    alles liebe. Monika

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