weekend thoughts

I wanted to visit the cherry trees on Saturday. I took a
basket, a blanket and my bike with me and was hoping
to find small red balls on the trees already. In front of our bedroom
I can see a cherry tree covered in the most beautiful
red tones and every day it makes me crave cherries even more! ; )
But when I reached my spot I saw that they weren’t red yet so I was a little
sad that my basket would stay empty for now. 
 I was lying in the high grass on my blanket,
watching it moving with the wind.
I started to cut out some stickers for my shop,
because I always like to work not only at my
desk but also at places that I feel very 
comfortable in. 

As I was looking around I realized the sun had already moved a lot down to the hill where
the cherry trees are and now started to create the most beautiful playful
light patterns on the bark so I took a few pictures in it.

When I was looking above me I saw a little red butterfly flying into
my direction and naturally I reached out my arm and it landed
so softly on it and climbed on my blouse. 
Now it was sitting there like a broche for maybe 10 minutes
until it started to fly away just to come over to me again
to land a couple of times. 
I was standing there in this light, in this silent
world of the cherry trees.
Just me and this little red butterfly.


18 comments on “weekend thoughts

  1. Lovely❣️

  2. Wunderschön 😍

  3. Oooh Tina. this is sososo pretty: the light, the shadows, the photos, the pictures, just everything :)

  4. It's wonderful ⛅️🌱

  5. So delicate photos <3

  6. Ahh this is so beautiful!! The light, the butterfly (did it just stay there?), the trees….

    • Thank you… Yes it did! It didn't wanted to move for about 10 minutes I think! A really magical moment! :)

  7. These photos are truly magical! At what time of the day did you take them?

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