Warm Winter Moments / Analog Diary + Playlist

I have been a little quiet over here since December is always the busiest month for me. But I wanted to share the last Christmas spirit with you and take you around a few days during this month when I had my analog camera around my neck. 

This Christmas was not only special because it was the first one in the house we are living in now, but also because it was the first time that we had a Christmas tree since we were always afraid to have one since we got Willow. Luckily it turned out that Willow is incredible careful with trees and plants  since he is able to jump around in our garden. This tree was his favorite place to lie under in our garden until we planted it in this pot. And when we have enough of the Christmas spirit we can plant the tree back outside which is such a wonderful thing to do. 

Another thing that made me so happy during these dark and cold December days was going outside and look for cones and twigs to decorate the house for Christmas. While I walked around my favorite nature place in our village I discovered one spot that I have never been too and that was the home of the greatest and most beautiful pines and cones. 

the sun was almost gone until I had gathered all the nature treasures and went back home in the cold. 

One afternoon I spend many hours crafting and decoration all the rooms and also finished this advent wreath for our table while being around this wonderful smell and warm light.