Total peace

Total peace –
 The little birdie that is waiting to get fed, 
the shadows of the cherry tree making patterns on the grass around me,
 the wooden ladder that leads you to the sky, 
red currents in the roundest shapes, 
the wind that wrapped it’s arms around you, 
warm sunlight that is about to go down, silence
– total peace. 

6 comments on “Total peace

  1. What a sweet little bird!!

    Lena's Petals xx

  2. Beautiful. Charming pictures, they are so poetic :)

  3. So beautiful and ethereal… Those words blend in perfectly with the pictures. ❤


  4. Dieser Eintrag ist 'Total Peace'. wundervoll! ♥

    Liebe, Michelle

  5. such a little beauty! :)

  6. aw, so cute little baby!

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