Through The Week (two)

Hello hello dear people. Here I am, a day later than planned, but I have a good excuse. We celebrated Florian’s Birthday yesterday so we were preparing good food and spend the whole day in the garden. But more about this in the weekly post next week! :)

It’s so funny how at the beginning of the week I thought what could I photograph for this week? Wouldn’t it be boring for you? And now I came up with so many photos. I hope you will enjoy them. :)

This is me one meter away from our house. :) In the evening sun that was so beautiful that day. I worked all day in front of the computer and said to Florian now we have to go out for a walk and so we did.

He looked nice together with the moon behind the wild plants

I look a little confused, but I was actually very happy to stand there in the sun next to the river because the air felt so fresh and I needed it so much. :)

best food of the week

This week we actually had some of the yummiest things. Maybe we should start with this pizza dough? I have tried to find the best pizza dough for many years now and I must say this on the best I’ve made so far. Super crispy, very airy and not too heavy. I used this recipe: over night pizza dough.

mine: chestnut mushrooms, onions, bellpepper, mozarella and fresh basil

florian’s: sauce hollondaise, asparagus, prosciutto ham, mozarella and cheddar


I also made another batch of granola. I always make it myself since it’s much more yummy and a little healthier as well. This time I mixed about four cups of oats with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1/3 a cup of maple syrup and then added the nuts I had in the cuppoard which were hazelnuts, walnuts from the garden, almond flakes and pumpkin seeds. Mixe it all together and baked it for about 18 minutes at 160 degrees celcius. Yummy and simple!

The last thing I want to share is this quick and yummy lunch recipe that whe make now and then when we are in the mood for melted cheese. It’s a sesame seed bagel filled with red pesto, fresh basil and mozarella cheese. We bake it in the panini grill and added a salad with grilled vegetables.

best walk of the week

When Florian had to go the city for work I decided to take a long walk and search for violets to make sugar out of them. I discovered so many hidden places that I loved so much. I definitely come back there and have a picnic! Maybe on Easter?

About to go out and as you see, there is still no dining corner in the living room. The table got sold out as soon as I wanted to finally order it. But now it’s back in stock and I can’t wait to finally set everything up here. :)

Just look at this beautiful path with the green moss right next to it. Beauty.

I also had a little break on the bench to write a letter to my friend that I sadly couldn’t finish there. As soon as I have some more free time I need to fill the pages with more words.

Violet sugar and Willow. :) If you are interested in how to make it have a look into the video at the end of this post.

    wrapping presents for his birthday secretly while he is away. ;)

task of this week

Getting the strawberries out and prepare the last bed in the garden. It actually took us almost four hours to dig it because it was so overgrown. Our bodies hurt so much the next day. But now we can actually start to sow the last things this week.


I also finished going through all my clothes, put away the thick sweaters and decide which pieces I don’t need anymore. Now I’m ready to make another little Instagram sale to sell them.


Now Spring little by little is also in our home. :) See you later this week!

(Or you can watch my little vlog)

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  1. Amazing photos, Tina! Love how they give us such a comforting feeling! This vlog was one of me favourite. The black and white takes were really nice!

    • Oh Andrea, that makes me so happy to hear! :) I’m happy you enjoyed to vlog as well. I wanted to add something different this time and thoght it would fit so perfectly. <3 Have a beautiful day!

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