Through The Week (three)

How can this already be the third little weekly post? Are you still following along?

The week started with Florian’s Birthday. It’s a little tradition that we treat each other extra special one week before the actual Birthday and also to bake a cake that the other one doesn’t know of. This time it turned out to be a extremly super rich vegan chocolate cake since one of our guests is vegan. I used this recipe: Here


I haven’t really taken lots of pictures that day, but here is one of our very yummy BBQ in the garden. :) I’m also wearing sandals and a summer dress without tights. Somehow it felt so much like summer that day.

series of the week

we discovered a new series on Amazon that we really like which is called Tales from the Loop. I love how it’s filmed, the music that feels just beautiful every single time and the little details in both words and pictures.

The week has also been filled with work. I accomplished a big wholesale order beside my regular orders and took some campaign shots for a brand that I take photographs for a few times in the year. This time Florian had to be my model in front of the bright sunny wall. :) I also finally took some photos of the clothes I want to sell on Instagram which I will do this week.

In the middle of the week I started to feel exhausted and tired and decided I have to allow myself some break. Especially since it’s just too nice in the garden to not be there.


I also love to have these little breaks where I just walk around the house, water plants, sit in different corners and just enjoy the moments. This week I had to think so much about how fullfilling it can feel sometimes to appreciate your home and the light that shines on objects that you really love or that remind you about something.

album of the week

I love that many musicians upload little live sessions nowdays. I especially enjoyed to listen to The Tallest Man on Earth and somehow I got back into his music very intensely. I discovered this short film about his album Dark Bird is Home: Here and now I have to listen to this album non stop. :) The way this little video was filmed and the words he said touched me and made me want to be a musician myself and record an album in summer in a little cabin.

favorite day of the week

Of course it’s Easter Sunday! :) In this week I always thought about how Florian and I could celebrate and what I could cook and at the end it turned out that we had a picnic in this wonderful area that I discovered last week. This place where all the violets were blooming.

We had eggs that I colored in black tea and marigolds with little floral patterns and sourdough that I painted a snowdrop on (can you even see it? ;) ), Challah and fresh ramsons butter from my dad.

lots of watering in our garden recently and watching Willow walking over the fresh soil

getaway of the week

Since I have to ship out orders a few times in the week we decided to ride our bikes to the city together and it was actually really nice. The first longer bike ride date in the sunny sun with quesadilla on the bench. :) Now we have such a big craving for them that we have to make it ourselves tonight.

more good food of the week


left over grilled vegetables from Florians Birthday made into sandwiches on homemade bread with goats cheese and baby spinach

   A very simple Asparagus tarte. We just used puff pastry, added some quark mixed with herbs from the garden and an egg as well as spices and parmesan cheese. Then we put the asparagus on top and brushed it with some olive oil and lemon and added some eggwash and sesame seeds on the ends of the puff pastry. :)

And the best one comes last. Florian made this yummy baked fennel with parmesan, grilled halloumi and roasted chickpeas with a yoghurt dip. It was delicious!


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  1. Kann man nach Corona Urlaub buchen bei euch ? Bin auch sehr pflegeleicht.. ;)

  2. I imagine how tasty all these food was. :-p

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