Through the week / ten

This time I will start with our Sunday, because it was my favorite day of the week! We woke up a little earlier and visited a strawberry field with our bikes. We wanted to be there when it opened because I read that many people visited it on their opening day. And so as we arrived there were already so many people, but still so many red little beautiful strawberries waiting for us. :)


when we arrived at home I started to prepare a strawberry cake. A shortcrust pastry with crushed almonds on the bottom, a custard/yoghurt cream, a freshly made strawberry jam and strawberries on top. It was delicious! We shared it under a cherry tree on our neighbours meadow. When we wanted to leave the owners said hi to us and we started a conversation which is quiet rare here. But I think it’s actually so nice to get to know the older people here, to know which meadow and which house belongs to who and the share old memories about the village.

this weeks flowers

when I was driving to the city to meet my friend for ice cream I drove back with this beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. I started to fill the old vase I found at my mom’s attic with new flowers every week and put it on the stairs in the hallway. Now I always have to smile when I pass them. :)


The day after the evening sky turned into this beautiful beautiful colour.

our morning poppies. :)

I also started to press some flowers again that I will use in my little online shop. :)

this weeks yum

We had a little BBQ in the garden that I forgot to take a photo of… We made some grilled filled bread that was so super delicious! There was some dough left so I stored it in the fridge and made a lovely pizza the next day with leftover grilled vegetables and feta cheese. I quickly got a snapshot before it filled our tummies.

Quick and easy wraps with halloumi, pickled radishes from the garden and guacamole. Just yum!

Sourdough crackers with sea salt, garlic powder, herbs and flowers from the garden! They turned out so yummy. I mixed 100g (550) flour, 100g water, 1 teaspoon of sourdough starter. Let it rest over night and spread it out very thin on a baking sheet on the next morning and add your flavours. Bake it at 150 degrees for about 25 minutes.

outfit of the week

As you might have noticed I have been wearing this skirt almost all week! It’s airy and light weight and fits really nicely on the waist. I loved to pair it with a simple white shirt and white socks.

when I arrived at home after picking the flowers a photo book was waiting for me in our mail box. I made a linen photo book that is now filled with beautiful memories from 2018 and 2019. It would be so nice to continue doing that in the coming years.

this weeks Willow

We have been starting to think about what we could make out of our little balcony and would love to make it a little nicer for summer. I already put a jute carpet on the floor and bought some pillows for the chair. Now we are waiting for a little half round wooden table to arrive that hopefully will fit better than our old one. Willow loves to sit here as soon as it gets warmer and he watches the sparrows and bees until he gets tired and leaves into the garden. :)

The last pictures will be of us two. In this week we really  finished the music video we were filming for. I took again some more behind the scenes photos that will be best shown in a seperate blog post this week, but here are two for you. :)

Now it’s all done and I’m looking forward to share it with you when it will be released.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks litle summary and you all have some yummy strawberries to snack on. See you soon!