Through The Week Six

Welcome to this weeks little summary. A week that was mostly filled with cold and cloudy weather and some rain too. Our garden was very thankful, but for us it meant much more time to cook delicous things and spend some more time inside. So be prepared for a loooot of food!

Now and then I give my plants a good shower and take extra care of them. This time it was all about the living room plants.

this weeks getaway

On the first of May we were all free to surprise our friend for her birthday. Her boyfriend organized a little surprise get together in the forest with a yummy picnic. The place itself and the beautiful meadows and lakes on the way there were so beautiful. We have to go there again with our bikes!

Elma was a guest too! :)

We made ‘our foccacia’ for the picnic. Somehow we are already known for our foccacia because we always make it for birthdays because it’s just toooo good! This is my go to recipe!

This weeks project

I finally started to try out my punch needle that I ordered months ago. I would like to make a little pillow out of it, but I still need a bigger frame to finish it.

this weeks willow

Willow spent all morning outside to look for birds and mais… Now and then he does that, but it has been months since he did it last. And now we had a blackbird lady and this little mouse  our house two days in a row. Gladly both of them survived.

One day we had such a cozy day! I miss these days of doing nothing. I’m not really good at it, because I love to do things. But sometimes when work is just too much I long for these days when we make rhubarb (from my dad’s garden) strawberry crumble with hot chocolate and watch movies in daylight, sleep in with Willow and skype with Florians sister that lives in Amsterdam. :)

this weeks sourdough

this weeks food  (so much good food! :) )

tortellini filled with ricotta, basil, tomato paste, pine nuts, sage and parmesan, then cooked and later fried in browned sage butter with hazelnuts… (saved the recipe in my Instagram highlights)

we still had this giant leek in our garden from last year that turned into a quiche! Just mixed a pack of heavy cream with parmesan, and fried leek, herbs and spices and two eggs. :)

Florian wanted to invite me for ice cream to this new ice cream place in our city, but it was so cold that we couldn’t go. So I made pancakes instead! :)


pita bread with pistaccio falafel. Simply mix 500 gramms of flour (Type 550), 300g water, 12g salt, 10g fresh yeast, 10g olive oil. Let it rest for 30 minutes, form 8 little balls, let them rest again for 30 minutes and then roll them out and put them on a pre heated baking tray, bake for 5 minutes.

The falafel are easy as well, one can of chickpeas, a hand full of pistaccios, some herbs, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper and chili flakes


This week the curtains finally arrived. I enjoyed this little light falling through the curtains moment so much, but sadly these are too heavy and too short, so I have to keep my eye out for the right ones…  

I started to illustrate again this week! I haven’t done that properly in a while since my days were filled with wrapping your orders. But I hope to release some new products very soon. :)

loveliest moment of the week


What I really love to do is to surprise Florian at the train station when he comes home from work. It’s just such a nice thing to do if he doesn’t know it and then we can walk hand in hand home and pass the flowers and the last rays of sun reflecting in old windows. I love him extra much then. :)


Now I need to wrap up some last orders before I will meet my brothers and mom for her birthday. Stay warm. :)