Through The Week / Seven

I know, this weekly summary is really late. I was not sure if I would share one this week, because I mostly forgot the good food we had and I spend a lot of time working and preparing the garden for all the plants. But I thought it was my Birthday week. So I have to share it! :)

Maybe we should start with my birthday then?

Can you guess how old I turned? There is a hint in the picture. ;)

A delicious breakfast and thoughtful gifts were waiting for me on the kitchen table. :’)

Homemade donuts for my guests. Filled with custard cream and fresh strawberry rhubarb jam.

A walk in the lilac afterwards. :)

I could convince Florian to go on a second walk when the sun almost set. Going on walks is my favorite, especially when we discover new places like this forest and this meadow.

and this one!! :)

    Did you know that I love sheep and goats? :)Another little stop where the colours meet.      

Since it was Birthday week I was allowed to get special treats like good food and massages and just some extra love. :)

Not to forgot that I also wrapped a lot and created some new fern sticker!


And that the poppies started to come out. I love them so much.          A new ice cream shop opened in our city and of course we had to check it out. I need to come back there and taste all the different kinds of ice cream.

More lilac on the paths. To me it’s the smell of May.

A few days later it was my mom’s birthday and I went on my bike and visited her together with my brother. It was actually so nice to have this bike ride together. I can’t remember when we did it the last time.  

A few hours later Florian arrived also and we went to some of the places that I loved when I was still living with my mom 5 years ago. I still feel very connected to the nature there.

Then the flow magazine arrived! Some of my photos are part of it in some issues which makes me really happy. :)

Even if these days have been so joyful there is always something surounding me on my birthday week. Some kind of melancholy. So one evening I went out to the forest and finished my roll of film and also took a few digital self portraits that I shared with you in my last post. For some reason it always helps me to let my feelings out this way.


And at the end on my way home there was this sheep smiling at me. :)

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  1. Happy birthday! Best wishes for you!

  2. Happy birthday Tina :) . I love your work; photographies, videos and all the fine art you create in your envelops.

    Best wishes from a Brazilian living in Australia :)

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