Through The Week / One

Hello hello dear people. :) I know, it has been a while since I did something like that. A more personal post with snapshots from my daily life, but I thought it’s about time to bring it back. I asked you on Instagram if you would like me to update this blog more regularly and most of you would love to so here I am! I already have a few things planned for my little world here, but please be free to always tell me if there is something you are missing? Most of the photos in this weeks blog post have been taken with my phone since I haven’t properly planned to start documenting last week already, but I thought it would be quiet nice since many of you are probably stuck at home now and don’t have access to a garden or a partner to spend time with. So maybe these photos will inspire you a little and bring some light into these strange times.

Anyway, maybe we should start now?

Maybe with the living room situation? I haven’t shared much of our house yet since there is so much we would love to change, but don’t have the time or money for or we are not allowed to do so since we don’t own it. But lately I came up with the idea of adding a little dining area here in this corner where our bookshelf is at the moment. Maybe in a future post? We will see. :)

Most of our days have luckily been very sunny and a few days very warm so we went outside for little walks every day. It’s always nice to say hi to our alpaca friends.

(little secret: I love the alpaca in the first and second photo the most because it’s face is so very friendly and calm )


this weeks nature

It feels like we have been to all places in our neighbourhood already, but then we found this little hidden forest behind the train tracks that will probably be wonderful for a future portrait shoot. The grass behind it was smelling so fresh, I had to rest here for a while.

task of the week

I went to the city twice to ship out my packages. Beside enjoying the sun I also worked hard on your orders most of the days. I truly feel so thankful for all the orders, especially when I see later how you sent letters and postcards to your grandma’s and mothers and friends on my stationery. It makes me happy to know that people maybe start to communicate more through letters again now and that I can do a small part to keep this tradition alive. Do you write letters?


Another thing I really loved this week is this guy. It makes me so happy to not only see him while brushing teeth in the morning or late at night tired from work but every single day. It truly changed me.

favorite thing to watch

and of course, this fluffly friend is a favorite too. :) Just as our bed that moved into the living room for now, because it feels special and cozy and movie nights are more exciting. Lately we started a new series called ‘ On Becoming a God in Central America’ and I really really love it. It’s starring Kirsten Dunst in the early 90s.


best day of the week

When I bought cake on the local market at this bakery from the kindest lady in this world and shared it with Florian in our garden. We spent the whole afternoon in the garden together. Repotting tomatoes, yellow lemon cucumbers and sugar melon and organized the wood in our garden hut that now looks much more nicer than before. :)

more light

Have you also fogotton about the summer time? Suddenly it was 7 p.m. and bright outside and it made me smile so much, because that means brighter days will follow.    

yummiest breakfast

this week I was craving overnight oats like crazy. :) My favorite recipe: a cup of oats, a cup of half milk half yoghurt, chopped roasted hazelnuts, coconut flakes and a quarter of a grated apple, let it rest over night (or like me forget to prepare it and let it rest for 2 hours in the morning ;) ) and add fresh fruits and granola on top. Simple and yummy.

this weeks project

On Sunday I felt so tired that I wanted to do everything in a slower pace and picked up a project that I wanted to do for very long time now. I started to knit again and now also crocheting. I found this natural colored wool at the flea market the other month that made me want to make little baby clothes. :) I started to knit a bonnet and now continued with crocheting an oven cloth in this interesting pattern. I will keep you updated! :)

Now I will go back to pack your orders and get chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. I hope you enjoyed this little summary. Sending hugs and stay safe!

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  1. So eine schöne Wochen Zusammenfassung. :) Ich schreibe meiner besten Freundin manchmal einen Brief, wenn wir uns lange nicht gesehen haben.
    Die Idee mit dem Bett im Wohnzimmer klingt ja echt super und gemütlich.

  2. So joyful that the days are getting bigger and bigger :)
    Loved the show recommendation, I’m adding it to my to-watch list!

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