Through The Week / Four

Hello everybody! I think it’s time for another little weekly post? Here I am. :)


most beautiful of the week

I think we should start this post with the beauty of these blooming bushes. Everything is blooming now, even our apple tree in the garde slowly starts to open its blossom. One evening we went to the little street beside the road where all these bushes are covered in white beauty and every year it amazes me how they shine in the evening light. 

my favorite moment

we also went to this beautiful place to shoot some campaign photos for the brand  I’m working with and at the end I was just so tired that I rested in the grass, looking into his eyes.

bread of the week

This week I tried out a new recipe : here that was so incredible yummy! It’s a porridge bread with roasted almond flakes. Yes, it is as yummy as it sounds! :)

Another very yummy sourdough bread from this week

task of the week

I finally did the little clothing sale and it made me so happy to wrap all the clothes and give them a new home.

you might wonder what happened to the plan to add a little dining area to our living room and you might think it would never happen, but it did! :) I was looking for chairs on ebay the other day and I was lucky to find these three old wooden chairs close to us. They looked pretty used already so I decided to give them a fresh look.

after three days of work they were finally ready. It was so nice to concentrade on a little project for our home. To just sit there in our courtyard on the ground with some music and birds in the background until the sun went down.

Since I’m doing a little collaboration soon I already started to decorate our table to see how it would look. Now I sit on the sofa and admire this beautiful table and the chairs in the light.

        this weeks willow

    I also added these little bags to my shop this week. I especially like how the one with the birch branch turned out. :)    The last picture will be about food. :) Somehow I was craving pasta salad. Florian still had these lovely colored butterfly pasta that his sister gave him for his birthday so we made a delicious salad out of them including: pine nuts, rocket, sourdough croutons, green peas and leek. Perfect with a honey mustard joghurt dressing.

See you soon with some analog shots, hugs!