Through The Week Five

Welcome to another week! And we start with what brought me joy this week. Our new table in the corner full of light with a bouquet of Spring twigs.

This week I have worked more than ever and tried to finish long and new projects as long as Florian was still home because of the virus. He helped me so much in these past weeks and I’m so grateful for that.

One thing we finished was a music video for a musician from Denmark. Originally we planned she would come over in April, stay here with us and we would have created some magic together. Since that wasn’t possible she asked me if I could film one without her, together with Florian. Since I already had certain images in my head that I wanted to include in this video we prepared ourselves and went right into it.

One part of it was supposed to be filmed in our river. Glady it was 23 degrees that day, but the water was so incredible cold!

I tried to take some snapshot behind the scenes here and there since it was so much fun. But I also took some proper ones you can see below. :)

I hope I can share the video with you soon! :)

This weeks Willow


Another thing we finished was the collaboration I had with KINTO. I filmed a little mornign scene with their tablewear and my homemade bagels. :) You can see the video on my IG TV if you are interested and want to get into breakfast mood.

This weeks mhhh

best potatoes in the world ( boil your potatoes half way trough, mash them a little and bake them in a loooot of oil and butter until they are the crispiest potatoes in the world) with sauce bernaise, herbal cauliflower and carrot salad

more sourdough bread, but a dark one this time!

A little bike ride to the city for some ice cream! :)

a birthday letter to my friend in the morning light

Before I say goodbye two more frames from our little grocery trip to the town where we stopped at the garden center was well to get the last plants for our garden. I found a few Dahlias, one more paprika, an aubergine and a Lonicera Kamtschatica. :)

See you with a new portrait session soon

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  1. Stéphanie

    I love these weekly posts of yours, Tina 🙂 the stills from the music video are beautiful and I look forward to seeing the music video you create. It’s always lovely to see photos of Willow on his back in the sunshine, too. Such a happy cat!

  2. I’m very curious about the music video! I’m sure it will be great. :-)

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