Through The Week / Eight & Nine

As I write this I feel very rested. I finally managed to not wake up when everyone is still asleep and I spent some time for myself in our beautiful beautiful garden that is definitely a favourite this week! Or maybe the last two weeks? Because this will be the summary for the last two weeks since I was a little lazy here. I hope you can forgive me.

Should we start with…

this weeks adventure

Florian and I have this little tradition to go on a bike tour on fathers day. We always try to go somewhere we haven’t been before and have a picnic or eat somewhere lovely on the way.

What I love so much about this is that we get to see all these lovely houses and beautiful gardens and forest, meadows and plants that we barely see. Like this one in front of this lovely house.

Just a few stops later I saw the house of my dreams.


And I would like to rent this one and spent a weekend close to the lake. Oh how nice that would be!

we also stopped at this lovely castle which looked like right out of a fairytale. I took many analog pictures on this little getaway so stay tuned for a little analog blog post. :)

After four hours of cycling we were definitely allowed to have a cup full of ice cream! Many fruits for me chocolate for him.

most beautiful of the week

the maguerites and poppies started to come out and as I drive around I always love to keep my eye out for them.

mhhh of the week

my all time favourite is pancakes! I could have them all day every day. :) But this time we tried out something new, sourdough pancakes! I quiet liked them, but for the next time I think it would be yummier to have them with something savoury since the sour tone of the sourdough would propbably fit even better to it. Anyway it’s wonderful to use up your leftover sourdough.

Fresh potato salad with potatos from the oven, green asparagus, tomatos, green and yellow beens, grilled zucchini, feta cheese, salad and rocket and white raddishes from the garden. So many things we could take from the garden already! :)

Sunday waffles! Pasta with homemade pesto out of the green from carrots together with a green tomato chutney and some vegetarian patties out of carrots, oats, onions, tomato and something else that I can’t remember, because Florian made them. Hihi. :) But they were actually so so sooo good!

garden of the week

look who visited us! :)       

   everything is blooming right now, all the plants start to grow so much lately and I’m almost finished to get rid of all the weed and make everything look tidy. It actually helps me so much to calm down. The moment when the sun is almost gone and I’m still working in the garden, Willow again always right next to me and the birds, the smell…    

evening of the week Florian and I prepared a little dinner for our friend as a birthday gift. She could choose 10 ingredients and we would make a menu out of it. :) (not included in the picture: naan bread + raspberries)

And this is what we made out of it:grilled manchego, herbal pear cooked in grape juice, thyme sourdough croutons garlic naan, aubergine and pumpkin curry with roasted flower cashews  lemon joghurt mousse, dark chocolate sand, raspberry cubes, raspberry rhubarb and raspberry reduction     

we ended this day with a little evening walk. They are so special to me.