Through The Week 17 & 18

I woke up early, just as I do lately. Not much light is coming from the outside. It’s the first rainy morning in weeks and it feels wonderful. I always struggle a little with the intense summer heat and now when I sit here on my desk with my warm mint tea and the windows wide open to quietly be able to listen to the rain and feel the calm cold breeze it is such a nice feeling.

The last weeks I mostly photographed with my analog camera for some reason so this time I have lot’s of spontaneous photos to share and more pretty ones in some weeks when my film is ready to be sent to the lab. :)

This time I’m trying to make this post a little bit more chronologial, so here we go! :)

The first photo I can find on my phone: comforting lunch in the living room. Rice pudding with cherry compote I quickly made with sour cherries from our garden. We findished watching The Great and had had a cozy time in the middle of the day. :)

Last week we were awaiting a guest! My friend Matylda from Poland wanted to visit us in our new home and I remember so well this beautiful evening before she arrived and Florian and I went on a late evening walk and I collected my most beautiful bouquet of flowers along our river.

Right before she arrived I received a very big wholesale order in my shop and I was trying to work on it as much as I can so I would have more free time by the time she arrives. Willow was happy to sleep in the little mess under my desk. :)

Of course I also prepared a sourdough bread for us

Just a few minutes before she arrived we had a quick balcony lunch after buying groceries for the week.

And then she arrived. :) After a little house and garden tour we made a little fire and had vegan hot dogs in the garden. Since Matylda is vegan I tried to prepare some nice ideas of things we could cook in this week and I thought this wold be a comforting dinner after her bus ride. :)

I also tried to make a proper garden hot dog with nasturtium we found on our evening walk and it turned out so pretty. :)

The next day I was taking her on a picnic right next to my favorite forest. There is something so beautiful to eat in places that you love so much.

Of course I have only photographed our food it seems like. :) But many of the things we tried I didn’t make before so I needed to document them. Here we have some kind of jackfruit chili? With many many spices that we fried with onion, black beans and tomato sauce. Right next to yummy sticky rice and fried vegetables.

And of course, summer rolls again! :) But this time with leftover rice from our dinner.

We also watched three movies ( I watched all of them, the other ones fell asleep twice. ;) ). One of them was called The Lamb and besides liking it it was very intense. After we finished it we went on a night walk in our neighbourhood to clear our minds.

We also watched the series Normal People the week after and I actually loved it so much.

On our last evening we went blueberry picking. Because it isn’t a real Tina week without looking for blueberries, right? :)  After a while we found a little area where many blueberries were still waiting for us. I suggested to make us pancakes with blueberry sauce on the next day before she would take the bus home and that is what I did! :)

Matylda never had them with blueberry sauce before and she approved!! :)

After taking her to the train station Willow was sleeping on her bed that we set up in the living room. :’)

I only had a few minutes left to wrap a present and collect some flowers before I would visit my friends little baby girl for the first time. I actually saw her last a few hours before she gave birth without knowing it. :) I wanted to see her one last time befoe Matylda’s visit in case it would happen and then it actually did. I was very excited as you can see. :) :)

Some days later I managed to finish the wholesale order and send it off to Spain.

I added two new greeting cards to the shop

And sent off the orders that arrived in the past days.

I baked a delicious cake with the last berries from our garden

And two more sourdough breads.

I made another bowl of baked oatmeal that I tried first when Matylda was here. :) It doesn’t look the prettiest, but I loved the taste, it’s quiet simple to make and it feels more like a breakfast cake but is healthy! So only good things right? :)

I just mixed up rolled oats, banana, oat milk, nuts, and different fruits ( I used nectarines and bluebeeries), let it bake for 15 minutes at about 180 degrees celcius and served it with more fruits and homemade almond butter.

I also harvested some things in the garden. The first bigger harvest this year! I’m already thinking about what to make out of all these zucchinis. :)

First lemon cucumber!

The other day I felt really low and tired so I tried to make the day as calm as possible. I set up our old bathtub in the garden with cold water from our fountain in the cellar and enjoyed the cooling water on my skin. I had nectarines and read my book under the apple tree in the garden and were just lying in this beautiful evening light that was coming through the branches. This little moment and the scenery made me feel so sensetive and I had to cry a little.

The next morning I received a message from my dad telling me that someone is selling something on eBay that I might find interesting because it’s from the 60’s. I was walking through the house and thought about a nice place for it and then saw this empty little corner. I will tell you more about what it is and how it looks when we can pick it up! :)

I also received some lovely mail! Postcards from Fumo Koike and a poster that I ordered a while ago from Koey ( :)

Picking Florian up from the train station in the most beautiful evening glow.

An afternoon by the river, the flower fields and the corn! :)

Always admiring littile moments of light in our home. Somehow it connects the outside with the inside.

The very last time you will see blueberries here, I promise! :) I took my mom out to pick blueberries with me, but it was almost too late. We only found a few that I added to my cake for family gathering that we had on the next day.

Waiting for my aunt to pick me (+ the cake) up. Once a year my dad organzies this little gathering with the family from his fathers side. I actually love it so much since I don’t see them for years sometimes and then when you meet up again you have so much to tell and at the same time everybody is still as nice and kind as they have always been. :)

And of course it’s also a chance to walk around his beautiful garden, snack on wild raspberries and taste the yummy things everyone prepared for each other. :)

I know this has been probably a little bit too long, but I hope you enjoyed this anyway? See you soon!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful photographs. It was lovely to read it and to see the nice pictures. Thank you 🖤

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoyed it. :)

  2. As always I love it. Thank you.

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