Through The Week 13 & 14

Again this summary seems to be for two weeks! For some reason as soon as the summer arrives I have much more work to do and less time for my own projects, but I hope you will enjoy this still. :) Is there anyone still around here? I have to say I get less motivated doing these summaries since most people don’t comment on blogs anymore and then it’s hard to know if you enjoy these kind of post or not. But anyway, if you want to leave a little note down below I would be very happy. Tell me something about yourself and why you are here. I’d love to connect with you. :)


Starting with yesterday when we went wild strawberry picking. I really feel like these past two weeks were all about berries and cherries or fruit in general! When the day was almost gone by and the rain had cooled down the world we decided to look for these little yummy ones and it became one of the most beautiful walks of this year so far. All the little bird sounds, tiny wind waves and the magical golden light that was shining all around us.

this weeks willow

Someone is very sleepy because of the heat wave and discovers so many new spots for napping.

this weeks yum

When my friend and her son decided to visit me I thought I make bagels for breakfast. I thought I will freeze some for later, but it actually turned out that we ate them all in two days. :)

Sometimes we can have breakfast under the apple tree in the garden. The best kind of breakfast.

I also made madeleines a couple of times and even tried out a vegan recipe. These are just perfect if you want to have some little treat instead of a whole cake.

I also made lots of breads again and the over night pizza we made before, but for some reason most things don’t turn out yummy these days. But this potato, mushroom, red onion, feta white pizza was a yummy exception! :)


This quiche also! Together with a fresh salad from the garden it’s extra yummy!

Our garden is full of beauty at the moment

The other day I also went blueberry picking which is one of my favorite things to do in late June.

Since there were so many I went with Florian together for a second time two days later. But this time we had breakfast with us including a blueberry jam from the berries I picked before and with the most beautiful view under the oak tree.

We also found a field of peas near the road that we all used for a pea hummus.

Hello from us and the biggest blueberries I have ever seen. :)

I also found some old photographs from when our house was getting rebuilt about 55 years ago after it was a little farm for 150 years and my dad is right in there as a little boy.

Cherries and lavender from my dad’s garden. I turned them into compote, cake and froze some. :)

And so June, the month of the roses is almost gone and I’m already missing it.

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  1. Since I live in big city in the middle of Poland I miss so much my small countryside where all green are around. You posts always make me like I am home, I hope I’ll come back here someday. Happy Sunday!

    • Oh Sylwia that sounds so wonderfl! I hope you can visit the small countryside some time soon again. <3

  2. I’m reading, Tina! I follow along via Feedly – I still love blogs and should remember to comment more! I love these round up posts of yours, seeing the things you make and your corner of the world. Those bagels look really tasty and I love the photo of the sun reflecting off the building.

    • That’s wonderfl Stéphanie!! I’m glas you are still here. :) I can completly understand readers are commenting less, but at the same time it’s such a nice thing to get some kind of response and see who is part of the community. :)
      Thank you so much!

  3. Liebe Tina,
    Ich freue mich immer sehr, wenn ich Post von dir in der Mailbox habe! Instagram überfordert mich manchmal wegen der Fülle an Eindrücken und dem Potential sich zu vergleichen. Wenn ich deine Bilder sehe und deine Worte dazu lese, kann ich kurz dem Alltag entfliehen. Deine Bilder vermitteln ein wohliges, warmes Gefühl wie die ersten Sonnenstrahlen im Frühling :) Danke und hör nicht auf damit!
    Liebe Grüße, Hannah

    • Liebe Hannah,

      Wie schön das du hier noch vorbei schaust! :) Für mich ist der Blog auch etwas ganz anderes und ich finde es auch sehr schön das man hier etwas persönlicher sein kann. Das freut mich wirklich sehr, ich werde mich bemühen hier und da immer ein bisschen zu dokumentieren! <3

  4. Hi Tina, please don’t stop! I love seeing your beautiful images and hearing what you do during a week. I’m not usually the one to post a comment, but when I read that you were unsure of these posts I wanted to tell you that there are people, like me, who will always be here enjoying everything you put in your corner of the internet. You really inspire me to take things slowly, live with nature and savour each moment. I live in Australia so we are experiencing quite the opposite weather from you, but seeing your post added a little warmth to my day :)

    • Hi Michy,
      Thank you so much for deciding to write a comment even if you don’t do that usually. :) It’s so wonderful I can share these things and they give you something even if you live so far away. <3

  5. Anna Fendoni

    Hello, I would like to know you and talk about your stile and photos! Really love them…if you want it would be nice
    Could I write to you on Instagram? Thank you for inspiring me

    • Hello Anna,

      Yes of course, feel free to write me there! :) Thank you for liking them. <3

  6. Tina,you’re such an inspiration and I just loooove to read your weekly posts, just keep going, they’re some kind of magical! They remind me to keep it slow ❤️

    • Ohhh that warms my heart! I will try to keep them going. <3

  7. Hello, I love your weekly posts. You really help me to focus on things that matter most and I am grateful for that. Thank you.

    • Myriam, thank you so! I think it’s so easy to get lost sometimes and sometimes there is one thing that reminds us about going back to the simple things that make us truly happy. <3

  8. Hello! I’m sorry if I can’t express myself very well, I’m not that good in English but I try!
    I’m just wanna thank you for this blogs, these past months has been so complicated at my country, but honestly your blogs always cheers me up! 🌻💕

    • Thank you Abi! Your English is wonderful, you don’t have to worry! Thank you for leaving some encouraging words here. <3 I hope everything turns out well in your country. <3

  9. You are the source of inspiration that I were looking for. You are so kind, and pure, and your photos are always so beautiful. I love the way you see the world and, especially, the words that you use for explain it to us. And I love your weekly summary. I follow you on Instagram and YouTube, and I appreciate your videos style.
    I hope that I’ve written correctly in english!
    Much love, and have a good evening ♡

    • Maria,
      Thank you so so so for your words… honestly they made me so happy and also for following my journey. :’)
      Sending many hugs and I hope you are well!

  10. Keep on inspiring us Tina, your work is beautiful and your blog & vlog are always a pure moment of pleasure to watch ans read.
    Take Care

    • Thank you so much for your words Mathilde! <3

  11. Tina, to me you are such an inspirational person i love watching your vlogs on Youtube and reading all your posts. Thank you so much for your work! It makes me feel like i am home. I am from Poland and I wish we would meet each other one day.

    • Oh Anne thank you! It’s so wonderful to hear that my work makes you feel like home. What a beautiful thought. :’) Sending many hugs to Poland ( I love Poland!! :) )

  12. Tina, du bereicherst uns mit den schönsten und stimmungsvollsten Bildern überhaupt. Bitte poste noch viele solche durchdachte und wundervolle Posts! Wir LeserInnen sind noch hier und freuen uns auf jeden neuen Eintrag. Ich bewundere dich wie du in den schönsten Klamotten Heidelbeeren pflücken gehst – ich mach das immer in den ältesten die ich hab :) Als Studentin kann ich dem Alltag dank deiner Fotokunst kurz entfliehen – es ist fast wie eine Meditation :) Außerdem bin ich selbst eine leidenschafliche Brieffreundin und hab schon den ein oder anderen mit deinen wunderschönen Schreibwaren begeistert!
    Danke und mach weiter so!

    • Liebe Hannah,

      was für ein wundervoller Kommentar! Vielen vielen Dank dafür!
      Das würde ich natürlich auch immer empfehlen ;) , Heidelbeeren färben ja dann doch ganz schön!
      Bei dem dunklen Klied konnte man aber zum Glück nicht wirklich etwas sehen.
      Wie schön das du auch noch Briede schreibst! Das ist wirklich ein ganz tolles Gefühl einander zu schreiben und einen schönen Briefumschlag im Briefkasten zu haben. :) Ich hoffe das ich noch ganz oft ein kleiner Zufluchtsort vom Studium sein kann. :)

  13. I love your blogs, I’m sorry I didn’t comment (I’m a bit shy). But I love looking at your beautiful photos, blogs and YouTube.
    Please keep sharing :-)

    • Maree, thank you for deciding to comment! :)) I hope you will enjoy them in the future as well. <3

  14. I traveled a lot in the past years and still didn’t find a place I can call my home. Originally I am from Slovakia and o follow your blog since I think 2014. You are my biggest inspiration and your photos are just calm and beautiful. Event tho I never comment I just want you to know that I always look up to these blogs with amazement.

    • Oh Mo, you have been here for so long!! :) It’s so nice to know that. Thank you for beeing here and following my jorney. :) I hope that one day you will come across a place that will be your place, that will be your home. <3

  15. Hello. I really like your weekly posts and I already read all of them. Your pictures look so beautiful and it’s all a little bit magical to see your world. I hope you have seen my recent comnents.

    • Thank you so much Marla! I’m so happy to know that! :)
      Yes of course! I read all of them. Just sometimes it takes me a little to get back to them. <3

  16. Dearest Tina,
    I discovered your work a year or so ago and you’ve quickly become my favourite photographer. The way you capture the depth and preciousness of a fleeting moment is deeply inspiring me to me, and you are part of the reason I got into self-portrait work. I was traveling for the past couple years and wanted to learn photography but didn’t have anyone to practice on so I had to be the photographer and the subject. It’s been such a deeply eye-opening experience and I’m so grateful to your beautiful art and the way you prove that every week there is something magical to capture. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into sharing you art. It is most appreciated.

    • Dear Emmeline,

      I feel so flattered, thank you! :) And it makes me so happy to hear that I could inspire you a little to take more self portraits. I think it’s such an interesting way of capturing feelings and thoughts and be involved in every part of photography.
      I have to say at first I was worried there will be nothing to share every single week, but it’s also a reminder for me that I can be so grateful for all the little things that happen every single day even if some days might feel like not worth mentioning there mostly is something lovely in it that is worth remembering. <3

  17. i love this post!! all the berries, fruits, vegetables and flowers are so pretty aahhh!! you have such a beautiful garden! i love reading your blog, although i don’t always comment, so keep doing this if you like it :) i’m marthe and i’m a 17 year old girl from Belgium! i’ve always loved your photography and youtube videos, they’re always so calm and pure! have a good day!

    • Hihihi thank you so Marthe! It’s berry season!! :) And every year it feels so new and exciting to be able to gather all these delicious little ones! :)
      I’m sending many hugs to Belgium, what a lovely country!

  18. Hi Tina!
    I’m also here! It is true that sometimes we forget to say at least just ‘hello, I’m here’ but you can see there are a lot of us around here!

    You really inspire me toward a more creative life. I bought a camera last year and started photograph partly because of you, I wanted to be able to capture moments as beautiful as those you catch.
    I want to start this year with analog as well as video documenting my life, but this last one seems to be very complicated to me. Maybe someday you could write a post with some tips and experience about your vlogs!

    Anyways, hope you hace a wonderful month of July. Can’t wait to see what you have to share with us :)

    • Hey Belen,

      It’s so nice that you decided to write something. :) It’s incredible to know that I could inspire you a little on your photography journey and I hope you will enjoy analog photography as much as I do. For me it’s something so very special. Maybe it would be a nice thing to share on youtube. A little how to make these vlogs that I do, even if I don’t really do anything extraordinary. :)

      I hope you have a wonderful July as well! <3

  19. Savannah

    Hello Tina,
    You are an inspiration to me. Your blog and videos uplift my spirit and remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing. To feel a sense of calm in my life. To slow down and breathe. To treasure and find beauty in the small moments. Deep down I think I’ve awlays wanted a simple life. Seeing your art and work reminded me of that. Thank you for always sharing. Even though I don’t say anything, please know I am always there.

    • Thank you for saying that Savannah! :’) I truly believe that many people would be much more fullfilled if they would find beauty in the small and I’m always so surprised but happy at the same time if people say I can inspire them to see it. <3
      Thank yoz for beeing here. <3

  20. Hi there,
    It’s true that nobody takes the time to comment anymore, and yet you deserve it. I love those blog post as they are so simple yet so peaceful and beautiful. I love everything you do because it calms my mind instantly. So, thanks for that and for being such an incredible and talented human.

    Eva xx

    • Hey Eva,
      Thank you for saying that. <3 I'm so happy I can share some calming things on here with you. :)

  21. I am so, so happy to have met you!
    I have discovered you quite accidentally on Instagram.
    Actually, it went in a very weird way. Very straightforwardly, I loved your second half’s (?) Instagram account A LOT. I discovered it very randomly. But the pictures I fell in love with so much. (Actually, I like his insta more than yours, hehe, no hard feelings though, just some aesthetic sense perhaps that I love or the way a person says hello to the world).
    But oh, I am so happy I have found your Instagram account, because your Instagram has had a video about your June. That video was So beautiful.
    And in this way, I have discovered your just simply adorable Youtube account. I am watching everything from the beginning.
    It’s very beautiful, thank you so much…
    I was in big an emotional turmoil, so caught in feelings for many reasons. These video and music helps me calm down. Just to shift my focus, to listen to this beautiful music, leave some unnecessary drama, and I feel much safer.

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