Through The Week 11&12

The past weeks have been more difficult. We had a bereavement in our family which made me feel so many things at once and still I don’t really know what to say about it. But I tried to fill empty days with good things and this is what I will be sharing with you. :’)

The day it happened I continued with my ‘Flower Portraits’ series that I want to continue doing. Somehow the white peonies, wet and heavy from the rain were a perfect sign for what had happened. I will share the whole series with you soon.


Work needed to get done. My dried plants have been waiting to become a little set that is now available in my shop.

Florian and I also have been taking portraits together of sweet and beautiful Hanni. I took these two behind the scenes with my phone while Florian was capturing her in the field.

I also have been working again for KINTO. I will photograph and film some of the new products for their catalog. The last photo clearly shows that I’m getting very messy while shooting. I rearranged the whole living room and added my desk from the office for better lightning. :)

I also have been photographing a wedding on a super grey and rainy June day. The sister of the bride took this photo of me while taking their portraits. On the left corner you can see the witness following me around constantly with an umbrella while I was shooting which was funny and cute and very wet too! When I drove home with my bike it started to rain again more heavily and by the time I arrived home two rainbows were covering the dark sky.

The other day I went for a little walk on a rain break. Yes, it has been raining almost every day for more than a week. I love rain so much, but this feeling and smell after a good warm rain is also something out of this world. I wanted to collect some flowers for the dining table and when I walked back home these beauties were mine.

This weeks sourdough and my new favorite nailpolish. :) Honestly my last sourdough breads didn’t turned out well and this was the only one in these two weeks that was finally perfect! I was constantly trying to find the perfect mix between wet, but not too wet dough. Now I finally know how the dough has to feel like that it won’t turn out like a flat little ufo.

pretzel dumplings with spinach cheese sauce and walnuts. It doesn’t look very presentable and the dumplings turned out to fall apart almost. But the sauce was yum!

Of course we had pancakes again! Yoghurt pancakes this time. I forgot how good these are. Maybe even better than normal pancakes.

Willow on his new favorite place. On the bench at our front door. :’)

On Saturday we took our bikes to see Florian’s parents and to of course have ice cream at the new ice cream place. I think we have almost been there every week because they always have new flavours and we should not miss a single one. ;)

I love the meadow with the apple and plum trees so much here and this time we even met this black little cat.

The first things from the garden also start to fill our tummies. These colourful radishes were my favorite so far!

See you soon!

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  1. Could you please show the nailpolish you use? This one in this post looks good and I’ve also seen a red one on you and your nailpolish it always looks very good.
    Wish you a nice day! :)

    • Hey Marla, it’s a very cheap and simple one from the German brand essence! It’s in the colour 18 Hakuna Matata. ^.^

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