Three nights in the thuringian forest

On the last days of March we decided to rent a little
 house for three nights

in Gehlberg, a small village in the Thuringian Forest, from

 where we started to explore the forest and different places every day. 

We came here to enjoy the silence and get inspired. 
We saw so many beautiful spots in the forest and went
 for long hikes every day until the sun set. 

We cooked simple, but delicious things for breakfast and dinner,

 had lots and lots of tea, I listened to Florians voice and the

sound of his guitar while I tried to draw something. 

I especially enjoyed the walk on our last day where we hiked
 along the brook most of the time deep down in the forest. 
We also found a tiny little waterfall and a little red house behind it. 
Sometimes we were just standing still in the middle of the forest
and listened. I almost forgot how beautiful silence is.

8 comments on “Three nights in the thuringian forest

  1. Ich liebe die Bilder (und die Vlogs dazu) so unglaublich sehr.
    Ich beneide deine Sichtweise!

    Hab noch einen schönen Abend ♥
    (+ mach unbedingt mal wieder einen Instagram-Livestream!!!)

  2. You had great weather! :)

  3. So wundervoll! Eure Bilder laden wirklich zum träumen ein!

  4. So in love with the photo's! And what a beautiful place :)

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