The year is ending, a little snow, and two playlists

My Dear Readers,

again I have been absent for a while. And now it’s even a new year! But I am back for now and I wanted to share my November and December playlist with you. Maybe you are still at home and can enjoy some slow moments and you need some music that makes you feel less lonely? Or you went right back into work? Either way I hope you are all well!

For me it was the first time in a while that I actually rested for a longer period in a row and it feels so good! I have been struggeling with some health problems that sometimes made it really hard to push through, especially in the dark, long and very stressful Winter days. I also haven’t photographed as much as I used to. Every moment that was worth a picture has been captured on one of the two film rolls I photographed that I would like to share here and there if you want me to? :)
But for now I will leave with these pictures from the tiniest bit of snow on our first morning walk of this year.

Stay cozy,


2 comments on “The year is ending, a little snow, and two playlists

  1. Dear Tina, a happy new year! Always looking forward to your blogposts. I’d love to see the photos from the fimrolls. A question: Do you get your film developed and where? Or do you develop it yourself?

    • Thank you Hanna!I wish you a happy new year as well! :) I have been testing out many labs in our region, but since a few years I get them developed at German online labs.

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