the wind came like voices

13 comments on “the wind came like voices

  1. Wow! (Das letzte Foto ist perfekt. Wahnsinnig, wahnsinnig schön!)

  2. Wunderschön! <3

  3. Boah!

  4. Du hast perfekte Haare!

  5. I like the title and the story you're telling with these!

  6. Like in an enchanted forest :) And you look like a little fairy!

    P.S. Would you mind a little technical question? How do you manage to set focus while taking selfportraits? Or do you set focus to a certain point, lets say, a tree, and than stand right next to it hoping it will work?

  7. und wiedermal wunderschöne bilder. <3

  8. these photos are so beautiful…

  9. the number four is my favourite <3

  10. wow i don't even know how to describe my feeling right now, one word: beautifullllllllll !! <3

  11. These photo's ♥

  12. wow. Perfekt.

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