The sea is a calm place

20 comments on “The sea is a calm place

  1. So toll! Die Farben, der verschwimmende Horizont zwischen Meer und Himmel, ihr – alles. Bezaubernde Fotos.

  2. oh so schöne bilder. wundervoll. <3
    alles liebe. Monika

  3. amazing pictures! so calm and soft yet so powerful

    • Oh thank you dear Marilia! I also think that this was the feeling I had at the sea. Calm and and the same time so powerful. :)

  4. Wunderschön! Mir fehlt das Meer….

  5. wirklich schöne bilder!
    und mir gefällt dein outfit

  6. absolutely beautiful ! such a calm place!

  7. Y'all's outfits are excellent! And these are so haunting and wonderful :)

  8. So beautiful! :)

  9. i do love to go to the seaside:-) and these are beautiful! also i love your jeans! xx

  10. Tina, I love your photographs, the way you look at the world. These ones are really tender <3
    Thank you for your comment! I have been visiting your blog almost from begining, but I never had a courage to comment your photo. Sometimes I'm too shy ^^
    Regards <3

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