the lights fell down upon the world

13 comments on “the lights fell down upon the world

  1. so toll. und vor allem analog.
    welchen film hast du benutzt?

  2. Every time I visit your blog, I feel "these are the most beautiful pictures, I've ever seen there". And every time I have to change my opinion with next post. You are so talented pearson!

  3. uii, ich mag das erste Foto :)

  4. Einfach toll. Vor allem die Farben. <3

  5. You are so beautiful. The images you create are some of my favorites right now. <3 xoxo

  6. love the first one! you're looking so beautiful tina!

  7. when i see your photos, i wanna have a analog camera.
    (nice hair)

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. I love them.

  9. How do you always manage to look like an angel..? well, maybe you are one :3
    These pictures are so beautiful <3 I love the first shot! your hair is just amazing ♥

  10. So so in love with these, especially the first one. You're photos are always so beautiful <3

  11. ohh i fell in love with those photos <33

  12. adorable golden tina <3

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