the golden moment // 8 tracks

Sometimes there is this golden light that makes you go into another world…

I decided to share 8 songs of my december playlist on 8 tracks with you,
 because music is very important to me and I thought it would be nice to share these little moments
I have in the nature, in the train, in my bed… and everywhere with you.

December songs for you here: 8 Tracks
Should I keep on doing this for the next month? What do you think?

16 comments on “the golden moment // 8 tracks

  1. Das sind mal wieder so unfassbar wunderbare Fotos & dann auch noch diese wunderschöne musik – das versetzt einen wirklich in eine andere Welt <3
    also, ich finde es eine super idee, wenn du weiterhin musik posten würdest :)
    grüße, marie

  2. ichl liebe das erste bild. der wald ist unglaublich schön mit dem moos. und du passt da perfekt hinein. :D außerdem gefällt mir das kleid . liebe grüße. Monika

  3. Das sind wunderschöne Bilder, wie immer. Und bitte, bitte mehr Musik – du hast einen tollen Geschmack.

  4. Your life looks so so beautifully perfect !
    I lvoe your Photos , they are so homely


  5. Beautiful photos! What camera is this?

  6. oh how precious! your playlist is almost as lovely as you…so soft and pleasant <3
    i listen to it every morning together with ''dry the river''

    • Oh thank you.. that makes me so so happy. I love that you listen to it in the morning and I lóve dry the river. <3

  7. You are such a sublime model!

  8. Stunning photos. :)

  9. i think it is a wonderful idea :)
    i'm listening to your mix right now!

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