The frost-Outside//Inside

There is something magical about the frost that makes me want to live in it.

I could watch the sun shining on the sparkling crystals forever. 

7 comments on “The frost-Outside//Inside

  1. You are beautifully stunning, and everything about you and what you do is inspiring. You are truly one of a kind.

    much love,

  2. Stunning photos!

  3. Die Farben sind wunderbar! Atemberaubend schöne Fotos!

  4. wundervolle Bilder *o*

  5. Everything seems so much clear after de ice melts away,i guess…
    Your hair goes along like a fire in all of your portraits and it is impossible from here to feel the cold*

  6. These photos look like they belong to a photo spread that I would love to own.

  7. You are such a beautiful women. The last one portrait catch my heart. Amazing.

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