The art of writing letters – with Anna Gawlak

I love writing letters so much. Since my childhood I had several pen pals and shared my thoughts with them. But for some years it got more intense and it’s meaning much more to me than before. Writing on beautiful paper, wrap everything carefully and put some little gifts and handmade things from my life along with my letter. It’s fantastic how these little things can make someone happy.
 By sharing my photographs on the internet I also got the chance to get in contact with the most wonderful people from all over the world. One very special person is Anna Gawlak. I’m in love with her beautiful photographs and the person she is. They include a world where everything is just perfect in this one special moment. Anna shares my love for nature and my view on the world. It just feels so right to share my thoughts with her letter for letter. These photographs show the wodden box Anna made for me in January. Isn’t it beautiful in every way?
If you don’t know her yet you can see her amazing work on her Tumblr and if you are more interested in my letter writing
you can see what I send and get from other people on my Instagram.

13 comments on “The art of writing letters – with Anna Gawlak

  1. adorable indeed

  2. soo cute and magical ^_^

  3. Oh, I wish I would take more time for myself to be able to write letters. In this world it is so hard to stick back to the roots, switch off the internet and go out into the nature or just take time for your pen – pal.
    I look up to you, hoping that I will be able to take some time for myself as you do soon! <3

  4. I too love writing letters, and receiving them is the most exciting and wonderful thing. Your photos are so beautiful, it's always a treat to visit your blog.

  5. I didn't think that there are still so many people love writing letters to each other nowadays, this is so precious
    I love writing letters, too but it's hard to find any penpal in my country…
    I really want to write you letters, honestly :)

  6. I usually write letters for my friends, but the sad thing is that not many of them write back :( It's sad that most people don't write, I mean, I'd rather recieve a cute and dedicated letter than a fancy gift. I think I'm going to start looking for some pen pals.
    Your pictures are so beautiful and magical, thank you so much for sharing!!

  7. So many precious things!

  8. Amazing photos of Anna's dedication and your beautiful view of the world :)

  9. Absolutely beautiful and wonderfully written. You've inspired me to write a letter today!

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