Taking you around on a calm day + my July Playlist

I don’t know where this month went. Where are the hours? Where is the light?

Suddenly it’s August and I feel like soon it will be autumn and then winter and then the year passed faster then ever. I know it always feels like this and still always it feels new. July has always been the month of thinking for me. When it’s too hot to be in the light at daytime, but perfect to be in the light that is almost gone. The evening light.

These little moments when you just hear the birds and the sky turns pink and purple. When you wander under this sky in juicy grass and wildflowers cross your path. It’s so softly colored that you ache to touch it, but it’s not possible. When it’s the perfect time to find cats sleeping in the grass and blackberries hiding behind picnic benches. At day time the heat makes it easy for us to lie on blankets in the grass or sit in shady spots, or on the floor or just in bed for a while. It makes us think about what has been and what will be. Maybe some look for answers, some dream, some remember, but many of us are in a state of quiet thinking, of being with themselves. Even if we are with others.

And all this happens while the world blooms, while the fruits and vegetables grow in my garden so precious that I sometimes burst out with excitement when I find out that my melon finally grew a fruit or I see the first aubergine growing behind leaves.

Nature is not quiet in that way in the summer months. Nature is full of life.