take me somewhere nice

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  1. Wow these images are magical. Especially the last, its a dream! You're wonderful!
    I also have a place for my photographs here: http://jessimaym.tumblr.com/
    Keep creating beautiful art.

  2. deine Fotografie ist so unbeschreiblich wunderbar !

  3. great great great! the sixth one is my favourite <3

  4. oh, ich mag das dritte und das achte am meisten :)

  5. oh what I would give to see a field of sunflowers! amazing!

  6. Wo habt ihr das Sonnenblumenfeld gefunden? Das ist ja verträumt!

  7. wundervolle bilder. ich liebe sonnenblumenfelder und deine bilder. <3
    grüße. Monika

  8. beyond beautiful!

  9. <3. (besonders das letzte Foto)

  10. Absolutely beautiful photographs, the last one i have no words for just so stunning, also love the pinafore your wearing x


  11. Hi Tina, I had to leave a comment because I absolutely love the soft focus and rich colours of these photos! :)

  12. Tina, your images are always so wonderful, I hope wonderful things for your future! You deserve them!

  13. these are perfectly breath taking

  14. du hast echt einen super blog :)
    vielleicht kannst du mir bei meiner/unserer entscheidung helfen ->

    Liebste Grüße Carolin <333
    von http://xoxo-carolin.blogspot.de/

  15. theses are wonderful! x

  16. Dreamy as ever <3

  17. wow! These are so magic and beautiful

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