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Through The Week 15&16

And again this will be a summary from two weeks, but I just realized that I have so sooo many pictures to share. I hope that will make the delay a little better. :) Here we go!

Should we start with my favorite day then? Florian and I took a train to a little village where I photographed our friends a week ago and from there drove to a little hidden lake in the forest.


Even if I checked on the weather it turned out that the sky was full of dark fluffy clouds and the water a little cold so we only went inside with our feet which was still so nice. I could start to read my new book and we could eat all the good snacks and admire our surroundings.

I haven’t been in the city much since Corona, but I don’t miss it much as long as I can have a nice time at home as well. :) But here are a few snapshots from when I was out!

I found this incredible yummy and cute looking cake in my favourite asian store

I made foccacia for our friends goodbye party in a little park and I felt like a little delivery service in a heavy heavy wind. :)

I also went on a trip to a garden center when I had a ruff day and all I wanted was to see something nice. I wanted to buy a rose for our front yard that one day will grow over our door and look very beautiful, but they didn’t have any left so I went with this little flower instead that now has a new home close to our front door. :)

waiting for the train to take me home with a plant for my cousin.

When I picked a book for our trip to the lake! :) I went for the one with the tiny tree. I don’t really know what to think about it yet, but it has many little short stories inside and some have been really touching already.

I found a little blouse/jacket/cardigan? at the thrift store and fell in love with this pattern.  

The first time eating out after months! And we went for vitnamese. We love asian food so very much and I especially love Bun Nem. :)

And now it’s time for the day when I photographed our friends and their camper. They are traveling through Europe for a while and now they have beautiful memories from each other as a couple and also from our evening in the garden with tummies full of summer rolls. Florian took these two shots from me on top of the camper while I photographed them in the fields. It was actually such a nice feeling to be up there and to imagine how different countries would look from this perspective. It made me want to go on a trip like this too! :)

Willow and the garden is always a good combination. :)

I’m drying lots of things for tea lately, our flowers are always making nice bouquets for our tables and our one and only waterlily started to bloom. Wonderful.

I love to shoot together with him. This time with Mona for her Yoga business under the birch trees.

Sometimes the light in our living room is lovely, especially when there are little dots.

Outgoing orders, new products and a sleepy Willow that always wants to be close. I really love him. :’)

More special light in the living room. In one of my favorite corners actually.

favourite dishes

I don’t make fancy bowl breakfasts that often, but when I do they always make me very happy because they are filled with so many yummy fruits. Here we a have a bowl with a base mainly of nectarines and mango and a few berries still warm from the garden + a few frozen pieces of banana. I added chia pudding on top.

A lovely looking dinner I shared on Instagram as well. Have a look on my feed if you want to know what was on our plates. :)


A little sad and funny looking summer roll, but I wanted to share it anyway since I wanted to write about this evening I had for myself. I was still craving summer rolls so I wanted to make them for myself on that evening again and also watched two movies ( okay I fell asleep too ;) ) , but I need to tell you about this one movie that has been one of my favorites for a long time and that is probably not soooo very well known. It’s Labor Day. Go and watch it. It’s so beautiful and sad and wonderful and the music and the feeling… I also watched the Secret Life of Bees for the second time and liked it as well. :)

Dark roasted onion bread.

I call it summer rolls leftover bowl and sticky orange tofu. Yum yum! It has been asian week(s). :)

We went on a bike ride and blueberry picking…. again! I know, I probably like blueberries too much. :)


On a sunny day my friend Anna came by and we took some photos with her girl in her belly. It was wonderful and I get a little emotional when I think about that this was only a week ago and today she was born! Life is fll of wonders.

The last two pictures from our Saturday when we picked sour cherries, but also met a friendly cat. :) The cherries are now turned into cherry compote that I preserved in jars for the winter time.

Also the house has been cleaned all day, because my friend Matylda from Poland will be here for five days.

Somehow I like this two week rhythm. What do you think?

See you soon-

Through The Week 13 & 14

Again this summary seems to be for two weeks! For some reason as soon as the summer arrives I have much more work to do and less time for my own projects, but I hope you will enjoy this still. :) Is there anyone still around here? I have to say I get less motivated doing these summaries since most people don’t comment on blogs anymore and then it’s hard to know if you enjoy these kind of post or not. But anyway, if you want to leave a little note down below I would be very happy. Tell me something about yourself and why you are here. I’d love to connect with you. :)


Starting with yesterday when we went wild strawberry picking. I really feel like these past two weeks were all about berries and cherries or fruit in general! When the day was almost gone by and the rain had cooled down the world we decided to look for these little yummy ones and it became one of the most beautiful walks of this year so far. All the little bird sounds, tiny wind waves and the magical golden light that was shining all around us.

this weeks willow

Someone is very sleepy because of the heat wave and discovers so many new spots for napping.

this weeks yum

When my friend and her son decided to visit me I thought I make bagels for breakfast. I thought I will freeze some for later, but it actually turned out that we ate them all in two days. :)

Sometimes we can have breakfast under the apple tree in the garden. The best kind of breakfast.

I also made madeleines a couple of times and even tried out a vegan recipe. These are just perfect if you want to have some little treat instead of a whole cake.

I also made lots of breads again and the over night pizza we made before, but for some reason most things don’t turn out yummy these days. But this potato, mushroom, red onion, feta white pizza was a yummy exception! :)


This quiche also! Together with a fresh salad from the garden it’s extra yummy!

Our garden is full of beauty at the moment

The other day I also went blueberry picking which is one of my favorite things to do in late June.

Since there were so many I went with Florian together for a second time two days later. But this time we had breakfast with us including a blueberry jam from the berries I picked before and with the most beautiful view under the oak tree.

We also found a field of peas near the road that we all used for a pea hummus.

Hello from us and the biggest blueberries I have ever seen. :)

I also found some old photographs from when our house was getting rebuilt about 55 years ago after it was a little farm for 150 years and my dad is right in there as a little boy.

Cherries and lavender from my dad’s garden. I turned them into compote, cake and froze some. :)

And so June, the month of the roses is almost gone and I’m already missing it.