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Through The Week 27

And here it is! The second part of looking back on the past weeks. This time we start from the newest to the oldest. :)

Look what a pretty lamp I found for 5 euros! After not being at the flea market since february I was patiently waiting for this one. A pain au chocolat in one hand and interesting old things in the other. :)

I think there will be a bit of our garden in every post like this. There was just so much to harvest and appreciate there in the last months. Here we have: salsa in the making, gathering seeds for the coming year, apples, chillies, beans and garlic and the tiniest sweet pumpkin!

I also had lots of fruit salad and crips bread lately. My craving for fruit salad lasted one whole month and now I’m back to skyr with homemade chocolate granola and fresh fruits. :)

Katharina visited us and we took her to the new Bauhaus museum and my favourite bakery in Weimar while it was raining.

No weekly post without a pancake. :) This time with apples and plum compote.

Another day in Weimar, checking out the beautiful location I was photographing a wedding at. They merried under this beautiful beech tree.

Restocking my fern letter set in my Etsy shop since so many fell in love it and that makes me incredible happy. :)

Some little phone shnapshots from our getaway. Still dreaming about how nice it was and how much I want a car that is also our home now.

Started and finished a book from Ernest van der Kerst. Fünf Viertelstunden bis zum Meer. It was a beautiful little summer read about love.

Florian practicing driving and the magical places we discovered. One day my dad and we went on a one hour test drive in his neighbourhood and we crossed a ‘Farmers Shop’ sign in front of a beautiful old villa. We stopped and we not only walked through the tiny shop and bought some nice flour for our pizza, but also chatted with the owner of the villa and got a little privat tour. It would be so lovely to realize a little photo shoot here! It’s so funny how something so small can lead to something so exciting!

Willow and I are ending this blog post and hope you are all enjoying autumn! :)

Through The Week 21, 22, 23…

Here I am, with a big lemon ginger tea and a cold. It looks like we have the last warm day over here and I want to go on a long bike ride, but maybe I need to exchange that for a book and a chair in the garden. :)

I’m so sorry these kind of blog posts are always not in time, but maybe I have to accept that they will come now and then whenever I feel like I have something interesting to share and the time to sit down. So here we are now and I hope you all arrived well into the new season. I will split this post in three parts so you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of words and pictures. :) Get yourself some hot fresh ginger tea and some cake!

I will start from the beginning. It was the middle of August and our little Willow had a virus. After several visits at the vet and antibiotics he was on it’s way to get better. But then while he was outside in the carden a stranger cat attacked him and hurt his leg so much that he could not walk anymore. He is now back to normal, but these weeks were so challenging for us. :(

As I write this we have probably harvested more than 100 zucchini from one single plant! We got creative using it in every possible dish. Here I tried out zucchini chocolate cake and oh it was delicious! I shared the recipe in my Instagram highlights if you are interested. :)

potatoes were harvested too! :) Or should I say little potato humans?

Orchiette with Zucchini and parmesan

And then August was getting colder and one morning I woke up to this incredible beautiful early fog. It was the first morning that felt like autumn is on it’s way.

Bread has been baked as well! After two years of baking sourdough quite regularly I feel like last week I managed to bake the best bread so far. Finally I can feel if the dough is perfect and I know what to do to receive better results. :)

walks in unknown land with my love. <3 

blackberyy ice cream with vanilla in the making


us between a shooting session in the lake when our model took my camera and photographed us. :’)

Finishing this post with a garden update or should I say a harvest update? :) It was such a joy to harvest what has been in the soil for so long and to already think about what the next garden year could look like.

See you on Wednesday for the September update. Many ginger hugs! :)