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Good memories

This will
be the last post with photos from the island!
 I won’t bother
you any longer with these photos. ;) But I wanted to share some
digital ones with you as well! 
I wonder if you prefer the analog or the digital ones from our
trip. I would love to hear your thoughts! :) 
I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and it 
will inspire you to visit the islands someday. 
Take care,
The road that leads us to the ship
All the birds from the sea sleeping above our heads.
Good breakfast in bed every day! :)

 My boy looking very cute and Nordic, directing us to our ship ;)
 Hi there! :)
I always have to smile when he looks at me. :)
A Dalmatian horse?? :)
Time for a break with the most wonderful view over the sea.


Our trip to the Netherlands – Diary Part Three – De Cocksdorp (analog)

On the third day we finally
explored our little town De Cocksdorp as well as Den Burg.
The famous lighthouse is only 15 minutes away from our
little B&B, but we decide to rent two bikes to
explore the whole island. :) 
The red color of the lighthouse and the roofs of the tiny houses beside
it look so lovely in the simple landscape that is more monotone in it’s tones.
We are early birds, so not many people are here yet. As we walk up the little
hill where the lighthouse is standing we can see how wide and
beautiful the beach is. 
Some people are here with their dogs or children, read a book
alone on a little blanket in the sand or let their kites fly in
the blue sky. 
Watch a little video from our first days there here: