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Our Trip To The Netherlands – Diary Part One / Arriving on Texel and Vlieland (analog)

We are standing on top of the ferry and it starts to rain slowly. Our hair is covered in
tiny raindrops so I put my hat on while I look over the North Sea.
After rushing from a train to another, Florian getting his wallet stolen in one
 of them and arriving much too late on the ferry because one of the bridges our
 train should cross got broken it feels so peaceful to be out here. 
The water is so calm and the other people on the ferry haven’t reached the top yet.
Only the seagulls fly above us and ask for some food. As the ferry starts I can’t
even feel it moving like it flies above the water like a leaf.
The rain starts to become heavier and so we look for shelter inside.
When we arrived we stop in a little town
to buy some food for dinner. At our little BandB a lovely old man opens the door
and introduces us to everything we need to know about our stay here. He takes us
to our tiny room that looks just as I imagined, very lovely and cute. :) Everything
is in pastel yellow and blue and above our bed there is a little poster framed with known
birds that live on the seaside. 
With some bread, fruits, hummus and cheese we
sit on our bed in our room and let the day and. 

On the next day we wake up early, because of the bright shining sun that
makes these beautiful patterns on the wall. At 9 o’clock the house owner knocks
at the door and as we open it he stand there with a big wooden
tray full of delicious breakfast and a warm smile. 
We have to eat a little faster, because we have to walk to the
ship that gets us to Vlieland. 
 We sit on top of the ship on wooden benches and
look at each other. The waves beside us, the rain starts to begin.
This trip feels very exciting because of the big waves and all the people screaming
a little now and then when one of the big waves crashes on the ship
and makes us all wet. 

As we arrive there is a bus that is also a truck at the same
time. He drives trough the parts people can’t walk by feet. Kilometers of nothing,
of peace and loneliness, of beauty.
I watch the bus making tracks in the sand and as we drive over the dunes
we see the Posthuis, it’s our stop!
From here we explore the island with two rented bikes.
Story continues…