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A Day In Stockholm – with MeinFilmLab // analog memories & getting your film developed

While the days get colder and darker I look back on a golden autumn
and this one day spend in Stockholm that I captured on film.

Since I always get a lot of messages from you about film photography
and some of them are about my scanning process I thought I share
some experience about a lab with you that I really love.

I used to always get my film developed in a local lab and scanned
the negatives myself, but the quality was always so disappointing. After some research I found
out about a lab called  MeinFilmLab
in the beginning of this year I mostly got everything done there since then because of
the incredible good quality and super fast process. 

I love how grainy and sharp the images are and even in the
darkest hours they manage to get the best out of the 
colours. I always struggled with this problem when I scanned them myself.
 So most of the time I don’t even have to edit much
or anything at all now. 

Right before my trip MeinFilmLab
sent me some Kodak Professional Pro Image 100 film to try it out
while I spend some days in Sweden and even if I used
it for the first time I really fell in love with the results. 

Go and have a look at their service if you like. :)
a few more memories from Sweden