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One week in Poland/ analog

It looks like it turned into a little tradition to travel to Poland and visiting my friends.

Sadly last year it didn’t worked out so the longing was even more intense. It was also lovely to get to know their new homes. Seeing Matylda and Michal living together, cooking for us and spending the nicest time in Wroclaw. Unfortunately it was incredible hot all week so we had to make breaks for good food and refreshing drinks even more! :)

Anna and Sebastian also moved into a new home not far away from Krakow with a lovely wild backyard and we were lucky to wake up to the light falling through the pines onto our bed every single morning. It was also my first time meeting their beautiful little daughter that filled every day with her sweetness. :)

Somehow time with them passes slower, it’s more intense and pure and it’s a time where I feel loved and welcomed. I feel so incredible thankful to have them in my life.

Since there are too many beautiful moments to share I will start with our day in the sand and birch forest. 


My Poland diary – The rainy sea

Tiny raindrops on our hair every day, the wind is stronger at the 
sea and calmer while we wait under a beech tree that will be our umbrella
for a while until the rain stops. People pass by, houses look
pretty with their old facades and bright shining flowers. 
The sand is wet, little treasures from the sea
shine to us. Her favorites are the most tiny pastel pink shells we gather 
and keep in film roll cases.
  Our room is bright, white soft and empty. Big windows
and shadows of waving beech leaves on the walls at night.
All ours. 

The last pictures from my little trip to Poland (Sopot) with my dear friend Anna
Thank you so much for this time.