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Analog Diary / A golden Autumn arrived

Autumn arrived gently. Slowly the world turned orange and warm. Our pumkins are all lined up in the courtyard and now and then I pick one of them and turn it into a delicous warm soup or cake or it will get crispy right next to the oven potatoes. Autumn is the best time of the year and I want to celebrate it with muffins and hot tea in the middle of a long walk. Dark chocolate and sour cherries that were left from summer.

I pick little flowers for our home along the way and if I wake up early I see the sun rising and pick some pears for breakfast in the abandoned garden.


I realize that certain places look much different in another season and that some places I haven’t even visited in autumn. Even if the nature around me is so familiar it feels like every year I see it with new eyes.

Like confetti the leaves now sway in the wind or fall down on the lakes and paths. I loved this collection especially and it was the last photo on the roll before it got dark and so cold that my hands started to freeze. :)