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Analog Diary / A golden Autumn arrived

Autumn arrived gently. Slowly the world turned orange and warm. Our pumkins are all lined up in the courtyard and now and then I pick one of them and turn it into a delicous warm soup or cake or it will get crispy right next to the oven potatoes. Autumn is the best time of the year and I want to celebrate it with muffins and hot tea in the middle of a long walk. Dark chocolate and sour cherries that were left from summer.

I pick little flowers for our home along the way and if I wake up early I see the sun rising and pick some pears for breakfast in the abandoned garden.


I realize that certain places look much different in another season and that some places I haven’t even visited in autumn. Even if the nature around me is so familiar it feels like every year I see it with new eyes.

Like confetti the leaves now sway in the wind or fall down on the lakes and paths. I loved this collection especially and it was the last photo on the roll before it got dark and so cold that my hands started to freeze. :)

Analog Diary / Where Have I Been + Playlist

I’m still here! I know I have been absent for a little while and some of you are waiting for a weekly summary. Lately I have been catching up on so many projects that have been exciting and challenging and sometimes it’s hard to hold everything together and keep this place here updated as well. I have been documenting my favourite moments anyway so I’m sure at some point there will be a big update here and you can bake yourself some delicious cake or crumble or just pick up the juciest pear you can find under a tree, get some tea and read through my little stories and enjoy some photographs. :) Autumn started to greet us and I’m more than excited for this season. It’s so strange and nice at the same time to see our garden fading from colours and bright greens to darker tones. To harvest everything and preserve the tastes and juices and see that we are left with empty vegetable beds.

For now I will share some analog memories with you and a huuuuge playlist with my fabourite September songs. I hope you will enjoy them.