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Our days in the cabin (Analog)+ Monthly Playlist

As we finish our cake and tea the rain slowly falls down on the rooftops. The first bouquet of tulips moved to our kitchen table and a candle is burning. A new month arrived, it’s February! The perfect time to share my January Playlist with you and of course to finally share some analog photos I took on our trip to the cabin. :)

I hope you are all cozy.


Sometimes We Forget / Analog Diary

Sometimes we forget which day of the week it is. The house smells after bread and the wood that burns in our oven. The wood that fills our rooms with warmth. Each day there is a little bit more snow. Only until the white flakes turn into soft drops of water. The mornings start to get brighter and I see the fog crawling over the river to the neighbours village. A few minutes later I’m right there, in the middle of nowhere. In a place that has no end and no beginning.