sunlight falls through my hands

10 comments on “sunlight falls through my hands

  1. So schön <3

  2. Incredible photos :) I love this warm light.

  3. Während das Sonnenlicht durch deine Hände fällt
    streicht der Wind melancholisch um die Häuser,
    dein Haar schimmert rötlich im warmen Licht
    und da ist die Tiefe in deinen grünen Augen…..

  4. beautiful golden light. you look a bit like a deer in the first picture, such a beautiful reflection!

  5. your dress is so beautiful "!


  6. soft and lovely photos
    i hope everything is ok,
    be patient, home is where your heart belongs, where your mind gets lost into, and maybe you don't need to overthink about it because you're already on the way to get there.

  7. Dieses Kleid ist ach so bezaubernd. Wo findet man solche Schätze?

  8. Wow no words just so pretty!!

  9. Your are such a photogenic princess :)

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