Summer, will you go? / analog + playlist

It’s been three days since we came back from Poland. Seven days of spending time with the people I see so rarely and that mean so much to me. Seven days of hot weather, long walks, quiet talks, incredible yummy food and resting. But this post is not about our trip. I will share some more words in the next post with photos and a little video from our trip, so stay exited! :)  

For now I want to take you into the last days of summer that felt endless. Into quiet moments of cooking plum jam and eating all the blackberries in the world, of reading until I fell asleep, eating carrot cake with the spices I haven’t tasted all summer, perfect pears that look like they were painted under an evening sky, sunflower fields and roses in the blue hour. 


2 comments on “Summer, will you go? / analog + playlist

  1. Victoria Pichel

    so beautiful, and calming and cosy and comforting…
    Autumn will be forever my favourite time of year.
    thank you, Tina xx


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