So terrified by nothing // + Playlist + video


The last little moments in my flat in Leipzig. Captured in a little video.

2 comments on “So terrified by nothing // + Playlist + video

  1. Samantha

    I love everything about this. You are stunning. your life style is always soothing to me and so well captured. I enjoy the music that is shared. Lastly the video has inspired me to not dread moving but to take in what I can and enjoy the moments. Thank you for the time you spent on this. It looks like a breeze but I’m sure alot goes into it.

  2. The images and videos you share have recently become my daily inspiration, a little light in my messy stereotypical life (that’s what it seems to me sometimes). All the guilt from my unmet expectations of myself was replaced by the idea of slow simple living. I felt beautiful just being and doing simple things. I’m letting it flow now and in this relief, it is much easier to work step by step to get where I want to go. And to enjoy all the moments on the way.

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