Sleeping for too long or not at all

Hello dear people,
The days are passing fast and at the same time
it feels like they don’t end.
I wanted to share some analog frames with you that
were sleeping on a roll of film in a camera I didn’t used
for a while. As well as the little video I put together
about celebrating my birthday on two days & the sounds of my April.
 So here we go.
I was wondering if you want to know (or see) more
about personal things here too, or what you
are interested to see here in general.
I love to share my work here, but sometimes I’m wondering
if this place should stay how it is or
if it needs a fresh wind maybe?
I would love to read from you here. 
Until then, take care.

19 comments on “Sleeping for too long or not at all

  1. Definitely more personal posts :)

  2. Beautiful & calm images, gotta love that. <3

  3. Hope you had a lovely time on your birthday, everything looks so kind, familiar, so sweet :) As the first comment, I’m also looking forward to see more personal posts and thoughts here! I would also love to read more about your own appreciation of Nature and relationship with it. As a non German speaking person, I would also love to know more about your culture, your background, your history and how you relate to it :) Have a lovely evening :)

    From one Tina to another

    • Thank you. :) It was so nice to celebrate in our own garden. :)
      I will try to include the things you asked for. Thank you for letting me know. <3

  4. Thank you for your beatiful vlog. It feels so nice and sweet. And Happy Birthday! I wish also more personal posts, maybe more text about your feelings or plans (of course if it is not to intimate for you). I love for example the posts, where you were describing how you spend your days. And maybe some more posts about it, what you like – maybe films or books or music, or any art. But maybe just do, what you want, it will be lovely anyway. Liebe Grüße aus Prag

    • Thank you thank you! :) I'm thinking about getting these back and definitely consider also sharing my favorite things on here. <3

  5. Was ich immer so gerne gelesen habe, waren deine "different situation series"! Das fänd ich wunderschön, wenn die wieder da sein würden :) Die waren immer so ein netter, nicht zu intimer aber doch persönlicher Einblick in deinen Alltag! Ich komm übrigens gerade von meinem 1. Selbstportrait-Shoot mit analoger Kamera und war die letzten Tage so viel auf deinem flickr um mich inspirieren zu lassen. Danke dafür, das möcht ich jetzt auch mal sagen. Ich finds so gut, dass es immernoch ein paar gute Fotografen wie dich auf Flickr gibt, die auch regelmäßig etwas neues hochladen. Danke, ehrlich!

    • Dankeschön für deine Antwort.<3 Die möchte ich auf jeden Fall wieder sehr gerne zum Leben erwecken! :)
      Oh wie fein! Das freut mich so sehr! ich hoffe du hattest eine gute Zeit. :) Ich finde es sehr schade das Flickr ein wenig ausstirbt. Für mich ist es immer noch der Ort wo alles angefangen hat und mit dem ich sehr viel verbinde.

  6. I think it is lovely when we see more about your personal life, especially how you spend your days and the time in your little garden and home. It is wonderful to have glimpses into your time exploring and enjoying the world, especially in your past videos where we got to see a few days of yours. I am especially in love with gardening, so would love to see progress of your garden and maybe what are planting and planning on doing, as I too am planning a garden! Please keep on posting your wonderful videos, they bring so much joy to people all around the world.

    • Thank you for writing here. <3 I would love to share more about my daily life and also some more things about our garden! :) I'm planning
      to do a whole post or little series about the garden and I hope you will enjoy it. :)
      I'm also happy you enjoy my videos so much. I love to make them, they really are something very meaningful to me. <3

  7. Lovepersonal posts but at the end of the day its your decision if you let us see it or not :) love this post tho <3

  8. Hi Tina :)
    Tell about your love. I see affection inside you. This is like magic!
    I would also love to know more about analog photography. What do you take self pictures. It must be realy hard to take sharp picture. It's interesting.
    Tell about your diet, because you have beautiful body shape and about your hair (how do you care to)

    • Hey hey!
      Thank you so much for your comment and suggestions! I'm definitely thinking of sharing more of those things. <3

  9. Hey, Tina!
    I'm a invisible reader but I love your pictures. It's been years since I started following you online I think maybe through Flickr? I don't know… But yes, I feel like a know you a liiiittle bit so personal stuff are always interesting. I love getting to know the artists I like and how a few things of their lives are portrait in their art.

    • Hi Tany. :)

      It's so nice to hear from you even of you are usually a silent reader. :) So interesting that you follow my journey for so long now. Thank you for
      letting me a part of your life. <3

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