a saturday walk in the water

10 comments on “a saturday walk in the water

  1. this first photo is stunningly beautiful my dear!

  2. love all of them.
    magical (:

  3. Tina, don`t understand me false..
    it`s just my subjectivity, the emotion for seeing this one thing..
    maybe you know how i mean it. i hope.

  4. "sosna" in Polish its pine, you know? :)

  5. your photography is beautiful. oh my word, just so stunning! all of your photos leave me speechless. <3 thank you for your comment on my blog, love. xx

  6. Einfach nur fantastisch! Deine Bilder kann man sich stundenlang immer wieder anschauen, ohne, dass sie etwas von ihrem Zauber verlieren! Weiter so! :)

  7. i like the second!

  8. Beautiful…almost ghostly.

  9. footprints on second photo… great idea!

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