remember me as a time of day // 8 Tracks

 You can listen to my February songs here if you like.

11 comments on “remember me as a time of day // 8 Tracks

  1. oh schön. mir gefällt das kleid total. <3
    liebe grüße. Monika

  2. you look lovely in these! the first one's my favourite, but that towery(?) place looks wonderful too:-) xx

  3. you look really nice :-) may i ask what camera is on the first picture?

  4. ach wie schöön :)

  5. you're so cute!

  6. Oh, wo ist das schöne Haus, in dem du bist? Möchte sehr gern dahin gehen!

  7. Sehr hübsch!

  8. Excellent… the third one is a masterpiece!

  9. beautiful portraits Tina :)

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