rainy green ( Part two )

clothing by Angelika Jakubas

10 comments on “rainy green ( Part two )

  1. Wow, ein wunderschönes Model hast du da gefunden. Tolle Bilder! (Darf ich dich fragen mit welcher Kamera die gemacht sind?)

  2. Ohh, total schöe Bilder! :) ich mag die Atmosphäre darauf

  3. oh, these pictures are so beautiful!
    I couldn't belive when I found your comment on my blog – I love your photos!

  4. und wieder so schöne bilder <3

  5. Ganz ganz großartige Fotos! :)

  6. WOWw, congratulations! you are both amazing – you being a photographer and she as a model… I especially love this one, there she is lying on the ground among big leaves…

  7. Wundervoll! So ein schönes Mädchen! <3

    Liebe Grüße,

  8. wundervolle Bilder <3

  9. these are as beautiful as the previous set! although, i must admit that the part one was probably my favourite:-) xx

  10. wundervolle Bilder! :)

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