radiohead – high and dry

.three years and seven months.

Some simple photos to see if my new zenit works
 and she does! :)

12 comments on “radiohead – high and dry

  1. so beautiful! ♥

  2. mal wieder wunderschöne bilder, besonders das 2. und das letzte gefallen mir sehr. ♥

  3. das vierte bild ist richtig süß!

  4. wie schön (:

  5. Dein Blick im letzten Bild ist der Hammer. Ergreifend!

  6. It's good to know that your camera is working! Some time ago I have bought 6 old cameras at a car boot sale (very cheap!) and I still have to check if any of them work. I hope to get some nice surprises!

    As for the photographs in this post, the last one is my absolute favourite. You look stunning with the morning sleepiness still on your face. Don't take it as a offence, please! I am a big fan of morning looks, especially on pretty girls like yourself. The light and mood is just wonderful in this image. So soft and warm. Your Zenit makes wonderful pictures!

  7. oh this is so pretty, sweet and romantic!

  8. They all are so wonderful!

  9. unglaublich schöne sanfte töne!
    darf ich dich fragen, welchen film du verwendest?

  10. I fall in love… Your blog is absolutely perfect!
    My soul smile :)

  11. ich habe eine Zenit-E und liebe sie :)

  12. Your Zenit b is magical. As mine is. :)

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